Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 2..........

Well, we survived our 1st day in Michigan at Great! Scrapbook Events!  We have met some amazing women!  But for the most part we have laughed until we hurt!  Travelling with Shelly and Anette from Scrapbooks and More has been a hoot!!!  We all make a great team!

Today should be VERY busy!  Lots of new shoppers to meet.  Hoping to see kits FLY off the shelves and make new friends. 

We met a sweet lady named Wendy who owns the most gorgeous Scrapbook Retreat here in Michigan....go check it out; Gotta Scrap Inn.  And man, she has the amenities covered!  We might need to come back just to go there! You can even fly in!  AND she has a valet to unpack and pack your car!!!

Hope you have a wonderful scrappy weekend.  Don't forget to follow us on FACEBOOK!

Lisa and Melanie

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