Sunday, November 7, 2010

On-Line store news!!!!!!!!

All the kits are packed...we are ALMOST off to Birch Run, Michigan for the Great Scrapbook Event!

So, this also means that we have pulled all of the kits from the Kit-A-Licious online store to bring with us!
We will begin re-posting kits on November 16!  We will have tons of new papers waiting on us to begin creating new designs/kits!

Thanks for being the BEST customers and friends!  We will post some of the craziness from our trip!  Don't forget to follow us on FACEBOOK!!!

Also, please join us in praying for safety over our us, our vehicle and trailer as we travel!  We need lots of angels!

Kit-a-Licious gals,
Melanie, Lisa and Beverly!

1 comment:

  1. I do think next year (me) you need to arrange for security personnel (me) to assist you (me) in your travels.
    I may have someone (me) to suggest.
    Be safe!